Title: Broadcast Telelvision Studio Gaffer
As a Broadcast Television Studio Gaffer, you will be responsible for managing the lighting and electrical aspects of television studio productions. Your role is essential in creating visually appealing and well-lit scenes that enhance the overall quality of the broadcast. Working closely with the lighting team, directors, camera operators, and other crew members, you will ensure that the studio is properly illuminated, and lighting equipment is set up and operated efficiently to achieve the desired visual effects for each production.

Key Responsibilities:

Lighting Setup: Overseeing the setup and arrangement of lighting equipment, including studio lights, spotlights, floodlights, and other fixtures, to achieve the desired lighting environment for each studio production.
Lighting Design: Collaborating with directors, directors of photography (DOPs), and lighting designers to design and execute the lighting plan, considering the mood, atmosphere, and visual aesthetics required for each scene.
Light Positioning: Strategically positioning lights to achieve the desired illumination and shadow effects, enhancing the appearance of on-screen talent and the overall visual composition.
Lighting Control: Operating lighting control consoles to adjust the intensity, color temperature, and angle of lights during filming to adapt to changing scenes and camera movements.
Lighting Effects: Implementing lighting effects, such as gels, diffusers, and other accessories, to create specific looks and atmospheres as required by the production.
Safety Compliance: Ensuring compliance with safety regulations when handling lighting equipment and electrical connections to maintain a safe working environment for the production crew and talent.
Equipment Maintenance: Overseeing the maintenance and inspection of lighting equipment regularly to ensure optimal performance and prevent technical malfunctions during production.
Team Coordination: Collaborating closely with the lighting team, electricians, and other crew members to coordinate lighting requirements and ensure seamless integration with other elements of the production.
Problem Solving: Identifying and resolving lighting-related issues promptly, troubleshooting any technical challenges that may arise during production.
Budget Management: Assisting in managing lighting-related expenses and optimizing resources to stay within the budget allocated for lighting equipment and operations.


  • Previous experience as a Gaffer or in a similar role, preferably in television broadcasting or studio productions.
  • Strong knowledge of lighting equipment, electrical systems, and lighting techniques for television studio productions.
  • Understanding of lighting design principles and techniques to achieve desired visual effects and mood.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet production schedules and deadlines.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate with various team members, including directors, camera operators, and lighting crew.
  • Physical stamina, as the role may involve lifting and positioning heavy lighting equipment.
  • Familiarity with lighting control consoles and related software for lighting operations.
  • Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations related to lighting and electrical equipment on studio sets.
  • Willingness to stay updated with industry trends and advancements in lighting technology and techniques.


As a Broadcast Television Studio Gaffer, your expertise in lighting and electrical management will play a critical role in creating visually captivating and engaging television studio productions. Your ability to work efficiently and collaboratively with the production team will contribute to the success and impact of the broadcast, ensuring that viewers experience high-quality and visually immersive content.